A Real Lifeline
We find rescue places for pound dogs and animals in urgent need

We move animals to the safety of their rescue or foster homes

We help find homes for unwanted animals throughout the UK

Our volunteers help other rescues with home checks, assessments and fundraising

Animal Lifeline UK

Rescue – Transport – Rehoming – Support

Animal Lifeline UK are a non-profit organisation run by a small team of volunteers (see about us). So far this year we have managed to sure rescue spaces and transport for nearly 400 dogs. Despite our success, the number of stray dogs in council pounds continues to increase.

Urgent Messages
Phone: 07539080040

  • We have been working with the Animal Lifeline UK Team for over a year now. It is refreshing to deal with a good team who really care about the animals and give a true assessment of every dog in order for us to know if we can offer the rescue space the dog needs. They thoroughly check every rescye before the dogs are placed with them and are conscientious in following up every dog to make sure that they have had all the required neurturing and vaccinations and chips before being rehomed by the resuce. We are happy to help them in any way we can. Such a fantastic team.–Moorview Rescue

 We offer help to pet owners, pounds and animal rescue centres.

Help needed – Volunteering
Animal Lifeline UK relies entirely upon its volunteers to secure the safety of the animals in need. Mostly this involves transporting dogs to rescue centers where they will be assessed, receive vet treatment and be placed up for adoption (with exception to dogs deemed unsuitable for re-homing). Volunteer with us

Rescue Partners
We work with many rescues across the UK. If you are interesting in taking dogs from us please follow the link for more information on our collaboration requirements. Rescue Partnership Agreement

Keep up to date with the latest news from ALUK including dogs needing help, updates on dogs in rescue and upcoming events and fundraisers. Blog

100% of donations go directly towards ensuring the safety and welfare of our animals. Fundraising and Appeals

Testimonials & Reviews

A selection of reviews from our collaborating rescues, pounds, pet owners and volunteers.

The Stray Dog Problem

For more information on the problem with stray dogs in the UK, follow to the link to the eternal site of xxx.

News and Updates

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